Pallet Furniture Ideas for an Unadulterated Patio

pallet patio furniturePallet Furniture Ideas for an Unadulterated Patio

Having a patio is a great advantage, for one can turn that space into a private space for relaxation and retreat. In that case, it does not have to (or better say should not have to) look – boring. Make the best use of it, and furnish and decorate it yourself, because there are lots of DIY ways to take your patio ambiance to another level. Patios can be fully enclosed, partially open, or open air. If you got some carpenting skills, then pay attention to pallet furniture that will certainly give your patio a more interesting, eclectic and original look. Check out these great pallet furniture pieces.

Wood Chair

Instead of going to the local furniture store and buying a set of chairs, you can make your own chair that looks like it fell out of an old Western movie. They resemble old reclining chairs and old country-style armchairs, and are actually very comfortable. Besides some good pallets, you would also need leg boards, arm boards, foam, a drill and some screws. You do not have to be a handyman or an experienced DIY-er to build a simple pallet chair, just some time and will.

pallet barPatio Bar

Some of you may find it very important to have a drink cooler for the hot and scorching summer time. You need to keep your lemonade or beer chilled
by all means. However, these furniture pieces tend to be rather expensive nowadays. They are made from resistant materials, due to UV rays, rain, snow, hailstorm, and wind. This DIY patio bar, made from pallets, is thus a great idea for an early summer DIY project. The wood must be treated beforehand: carefully clean and paint it, and add a protective layer for the finishing touch. The protective layer will make it look fresh and new, and it will prevent the wood from decaying due to external influences.

Shipping Crate Table

This would teach you not to throw your old stuff away next time. An easy-to-make multipurpose piece of furniture that looks like an old pirate treasure chest. Popularity of the industrial design style is on the rise, and the unfinished look makes this great table more appealing and stylish. You can use pallets or get some quality wooden cases, and turn them into a table that will enrich your patio, providing a vintage effect. You will need some sand paper, caster wheels, hinges, plywood for the top lid (and a handle for it), paint and outdoor polyurethane (to protect the table if you plan to use it outside).

pallet furniture 1Modular Outdoor Seating

Pallets are known for their ease of use. We can transform them into practically any piece of furniture, because of their impressive versatility. Modular outdoor seating is, unlike previous DIY ideas, complex and demanding to transform into reality. But, when you make it from recycled pallets? It makes it even more impressive. The advantages of having a modular seat is that you can re-arrange and adjust all the pieces, depending on your preferences. It you are throwing a party, and suddenly realize that there is not enough room for everyone to sit. There would be no such problems with a modular seating. They are practical, time-effective, and cheap.

Corner Furniture

The pallet furniture set is perfect for large families. And when a family member brings friends or a date, it is difficult to accommodate everybody. If you have about 15-16 pallets to spare, consider making a great, comfortable corner furniture. It includes a big table, two chairs and a corner bench, made from quality pallets. This is perhaps the most efficient and eco-friendly way for recycling pallets. Clean them from all the dust and debris, make them smooth with sandpaper, and apply a thick layer of paint (try darker shades and tones). Place it under the roof of your patio summerhouse. Never leave this corner furniture exposed to moisture, because the wood can rot and decay.
These are just some of the suggestions on how to make the best use of good quality pallets by making stylish and functional furniture for your patio. Multifunctioning tables, pallet-based day beds, potting benches, swing chair, and even a complete furniture set can be made, when armed with some imagination, determination, and proper tools.

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