IKEA Donates $50k for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Ikea Life Improvement ProjectAs part of its “Life Improvement Project,” Ikea donated $50,000 to Save the Children and to help renovate a Brooklyn-based children’s facility affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Last fall, Ikea launched the third year of the project to offer consumers inspiration and suggestions to help them make a positive impact on their homes and the lives within. As a celebration of the public’s participation in sharing their tips of life improvement at home, Ikea committed $50,000 to Save the Children’s U.S.-based education programs, serving children in need throughout the country.

“The people who participated in the ‘Life Improvement Project’ made a direct impact on children in need,” said Lisa Allen, Ikea Life Improvement Project leader. “We’re pleased to have been able to partner with Save the Children to extend life improvement into the many places we collectively call home – including our local communities.”

Additionally, Ikea provided new furnishings and solutions to equip the Family Head Start/Early Learn center to continue to provide a learning environment that supports children’s growth.

The “Life Improvement Project” ambassador and acclaimed journalist and television host, Lisa Ling, was on hand to unveil the new space.

“I’m thrilled to have been part of this program which helped inspire consumers to make a positive impact on their homes and communities,” Ling said. “As a new mom myself, I’m happy Ikea is able to help children at this Sandy-affected facility and also kids all around the country.”

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