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History of Pipefine Patio Furniture

Terry Potter, Customer Service Manager

Terry Potter, Customer Service Manager

Pipefine Patio Furniture was established in 1968 to manufacture PVC pipe patio furniture.

In 2008 a strategic decision was made to discontinue manufacturing, and expand the distribution-only business model. This was ultimately a smart move, because the recession that followed did not impact the company as it would have if it was locally-based only.

Pipefine Patio Furniture continues to thrive and evolve. Its product range now includes a range of medical equipment and furniture, also made with PVC pipe. The replacement cushion division supplies outdoor cushions for almost any type and brand of patio furniture.

Pipefine does not import cheap, inferior-quality products. Although that would mean greater profit margins, Pipefine strongly supports “Made in America”. Its product range includes very few non-American products.

We donate a share of our profits to the Wounded Warrior Project (woundedwarriorproject.org) as our exclusive charity.

Pipefine has an affiliate marketing program. This allows anyone to make a commission on sales of the product range merely by passing on an affiliate link to others who like the furniture!