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Wounded Warrior Project logoWe Donate a Portion of Our Profits to the Wounded Warrior Project

Regardless of anyone's opinion of the war on terror, there is one fact that nobody can deny: hundreds of our brave young men and women returning from their tour of duty need specialized medical care, prosthetics, and post-service follow-up care.

The VA cannot handle the workload. Without public donations, many of these soldiers suffer needlessly.

"The greatest casualty is being forgotten"
Wounded Warrior Donation CertificateThat's why, from April 2010 forward, we are donating a portion of profits from all sales to an organization that we feel deserves support from all Americans.

We feel that these young men and women deserve the best medical attention and post-service follow-up they can get, and one way to do this is through an organization called Wounded Warriors.

Some of the team here at Duralife support the Wounded Warrior Project personally, so we decided to make it a company-wide project.

So take pride that a few dollars from your purchase are going to what we believe is a very worthy cause.

BBB Report shows that 82% of donations go directly to services for disabled veterans

Thank you for helping us help them