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Customers Love Our Patio Furniture...

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Please feel free to comment on our service and/or products here (even if you didn't buy from us). The only thing we ask is that whether your comment is positive or not, you retain your dignity!
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B Riepe
After deciding I wanted PVC pipe furniture for our patio & looking at what was available on the web found you guys which we kept coming back to. You had the best selections of furniture & cushion material With the prices being fair. You were very helpful all along the way & once ordered kept us informed of what was going on with our order all the way. We think you provide great service. We love our furniture & once we move, our house is up for sale, plan on ordering more. You guys are great.

The shipping cost is high. We realize it isn't your fault. Also the instructions of putting it together were had to find. I didn't find them until I had most of it put together. Maybe putting them in a envelpe would make it easier to find.

Very durable products
Bill Lynem from Florida
I did business with your company because you sold the products for which I was seeking. My wife and I were shopping for plastic, non-abrasive, reasonably priced patio furniture that would not do harm to our newly installed patio constructed of paver bricks. Our intial search revealed that plastic furniture was either poor quality and cheap, or of exeptional quality, stylish and very expensive. Very little was discovered in between these products until we ran across your PVC based furniture. Your products appeared to be made from durable PVC, was easy to assemble, and reasonably priced. The selection of cushions was the largest we discovered. The phone support and on-line videos demonstrated your committment to quality service. After receiving your products we were pleasanlty surprised that the items surpassed our expectations, and provided extremely high value for the dollar.

When deliverd the boxes were crushed and some were partially ripped and open. I accepted the packages believing that the items were quite durable and would not be damaged. Nervously, I opened the boxes and discovered that all the items were ok. However, the package is the first visual reflection of the contents, your company's calling card and should better reflect the quality inside.

Easy shopping
Janet from Florida
very reasonable prices for the patio chair cushions I purchased and now that I've had the cushions for severy months, very high quality.

The website had many choices but was easy to navigate and more importantly I was able to find the material for the cushions I was looking for by reading the fabric information on your website.

The last time I purchased these cushions they were on sale at a patio outlet store so I had to wait for the sale & then drive to the store to pick them out. I much prefer shopping on the internet.

G. & E. McGrath
We have been doing business with your company for about 15 years. Your products are top quality and you have a vast variety to choose from.

We have not had an unpleasant experience. In fact, when we made a mistake in ordering an item (which you qestioned from the beginning), your company was very pleasant and helped us in correcting our mistake.

Robert Jansen
Every site I tried said go to another site, to another etc. Yours was one click. In color everything you sell. You answered all my questions and offered helpful advice. And you donate to Wounded Warriors so I bought another item.

You were easy to find, easy to order and delivery was fast. Your help in ordering made sure I got everything I needed the first time. Stay like you are, even I found you. Thats smart enough for me.

Great customer service
Margaret Martin from Lewes, Delaware
Your customer service department is the greatest. I appreciated knowing how to put together the furniture ahead of time and how to take care of cleaning the cushions. You kept us updated about when to expect things to arrive too. Many thanks. We love the furniture.

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