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Customers Love Our Patio Furniture...

        ...and we love our customers!

Please feel free to comment on our service and/or products here (even if you didn't buy from us). The only thing we ask is that whether your comment is positive or not, you retain your dignity!
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Most helpful
Maryann Cherubini
Once again let me say that I am happy we could do business together. You have been most helpful in helping me make my decisions and your assistance is greatly appreciated. You now have an ambassador in Pennsylvania. Let me also say that you have a very helpful website.

Very Good Product, excellent service
Dr Steven from Corpus Christi TX
The bottom line is that i received what i ordered and it arrived when i was told it would. I knew the product as i had a similar set and was adding to it. If i need more, it or they too will come from DuraLife!!

Debbie Holderness from Boynton Beach, Florida
What great service! Our counter stools are the perfect height and arrived exactly as promised. Hope to do business with you again. Thanks!

Cindy Mills
We just finished replacing a vinyl strap that has been gone for several years; obviously, our table and chairs are old. We followed your measuring instructions, ordered the straps and rivets that you said would work, and followed your detailed installation instructions.

My husband was very impressed. Thank you for doing the video, frequently asked questions, and having the printouts. If every repair project went as smooth as this one, stress in people's lives would be a lot less. The prices are reasonable and the quality is good.

Nancy from Maryland
Love my new patio table. Great working with you!

We are very happy with the product. Once we figured out exactly how to make the straps the right length, the process went fairly smoothly. The only glitch was having to modify the pins (fasteners) to fit our 24 year old Winston chairs. With luck, the repair will last another 24 years!

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