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Customers Love Our Patio Furniture...

        ...and we love our customers!

Please feel free to comment on our service and/or products here (even if you didn't buy from us). The only thing we ask is that whether your comment is positive or not, you retain your dignity!
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Margaret Martin from Lewes, De.
We are very pleased with the furniture you sent. It is attractive and comfortable. It was particularly helpful that you sent information about how to put it together before it arrived. Your customer service department is very proactive!

Ordered 4 PVC chairs that I have been looking for over a
year for. They are more touching up pool furniture every summer with spray paint. Oh, if I only knew about this company years ago. I would highly recommend not only this company but, also their products. Plan to order more items later this summer

Barbara Riepe from OR
I love my set. I've written you twice about it how much I love it. I've told all my friends, sent pictures to everyone I know. It's great, super, just what I wanted. & more. You guys are a 10 all the way, a 100%. Love the cushions, love the color, love the service. Can't thank you enough . GOOD JOB!

Trudy Considine
Thank you for your great communication!! I'll recommend your company to all my friends and neighbors!

Carla B from Pennsylvania
Just wanted to let you know that the chairs arrived and my parents LOVE them!!! They said the people who delivered them were very nice and helpful. So thanks very much for a job well done, your help, patience and kindness made for a satisfying internet shopping experience, not to mention the high quality of your product!

Best regards

Thank you so much
Ellie Gurvitz & Tina Moskella from Pennsylvania
We just wanted to take the time to say "thank you" for an outstanding job. My girlfriend and I are both managers, I in a dental laboratory, she in retail, and we only wish we had employees working for us that exhibited your concern for detail and customer satisfaction. Too often a customer will complain, but seldom do you hear the words of praise for a job well done. I had similar chairs for several years, and we decided to put them to rest two years ago at our curbside( not realizing we could have gotten new cushions). Needless to say, they were gone in less than a half an hour.

Since that time, we have been through several lounge chairs at our poolside retreat, but have missed the absolute comfort that your chairs provide. Being in Pennsylvania, we have limited resources here, and so we decided to go online to research the chairs we were so desperately missing, and that is how we happened upon your website. The chairs arrived this afternoon, and we are absolutely thrilled with them. Their extreme craftmanship will provide us with years of comfortable poolside laziness. We broke them in tonight with a bottle of Merlot and some cheese and crackers...what can I say? We Pennsylvanians only get this luxery for three months a year.

But just as overwhelming as the product itself was the excellent customer service we received. You were professional, polite and engaging. The product arrived as promised, and you followed through with us until the end. We are very impressed, and just wanted to express our gratitude with a letter. Any employer should be happy to have you as part of their team. We will certainly refer you to our friends and relatives. Thank you so much.

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