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Royal Teak Collection™ is one of the largest manufacturers of Solid Teak Furniture in the world. They manufacture in more than 30 factories and import container loads to all of Europe and the United States. The American headquarters is located in South Carolina, where they keep one of the largest inventories of Teak patio furniture in the US for immediate shipping.

The Royal Teak Collection™ is made from A-Grade Teak harvested in government-managed, sustainable plantations. This ensures you the best available Teak on the market, while protecting against deforestation.

The Royal Teak Collection™ is kiln dried and fully machine made with mortise and tenon joints for a tight fit. Only stainless steel hardware is used, and the high content of oil in the Teak protects the furniture from the outdoor elements, no matter what climate you might live in, and will ensure you a lifetime of enjoyment with your furniture.

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