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Seating Sling Removal Instructions

IMPORTANT: Measure your slings before you remove them!  Click to learn how to measure seating slings

There are various methods that can be used to remove the fabric from your outdoor patio furniture frames. The method we use is shown below. In most cases, time, dirt and weather elements will cause the slings to be adhered to the channel in the side rails of the frames, so force as well as technique may be required to remove them.

Let's take a typical chair as an example. Similar design and construction is used for all types of sling patio furniture, so pretty much any other type of sling can be removed using the same principles. Please read the steps below completely before starting your seating sling removal project.   How to replace seating slings

[1] Remove the End Caps
Using a flat screw driver, carefully pry all the end caps out of the side rails, top and bottom. Keep them aside for later replacement.

remove end caps

[2] Slit the Sling [optional]
With a utility knife or scissors, cut the sling in two from top to bottom.

Note: This is an optional step to make it easier to remove them.

slit the sling

[3] Loosen the Bolts
Remove all the bolts holding the side rails to the seat frame. Keep the bolts aside for later replacement. If there are any bolts of different sizes, note where they came from.

loosen the bolts

[4] Remove the Spreader Bars
Now that the side rails are loose and in two parts, you can easily remove the spreader bars. Keep them aside for later replacement.

remove spreader bars

[5] Free Up the Splines
The sling is usually stuck in the side rails. To free it up, carefully push the hem and spline of the sling into the side rail channels with a flat screwdriver. You might hear a slight cracking sound as the fabric breaks free from the metal side rail channels. Be careful not to damage the side rails.

free up the splines

[6] Lubricate the Channels
To make it easier for the slings to slide out of the side rail channels, spray a small amount of lubricant like WD-40 (liquid soap is better) into the channels along the length of the groove.

lubricate the channels

[7] Remove the Sling
Use a pair of pliers to pull the sling out of each side rail channel.

remove the sling

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