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Seating Sling Fabrics Designed for All Types of Sling Furniture

The fabrics below are those that are suitable for seating slings - the fabric slings used in chairs and loungers that you sit or lie on directly - as opposed to those that are used to support cushions. These seating sling fabrics are all made from very durable man-made fibers that resist damage from UV light, fading, moisture and mildew. They are all tight weave, heavy-duty vinyls. Click to see sling prices and order your slings
Click here to order your seating slings
The color samples shown are intended to represent approximate color and not that of the entire design and repeat. Exact color matching is impossible due to photography and computer screen variances. If you need to see the exact color(s) please order a fabric sample. 

Solid Colors Jump to other colors & patterns

00007 Snappy
00108 White
00111 Putty

00112 Forest Green

00113 Navy

00114 Wedgewood

00115 Royal Blue

00118 Teal

00119 Mauve

00120 Yellow
00420 Black
00490 Grey
garden green
00848 Garden Green

00889 Salsa

 Other Colors and Patterns

00014 Turquesa
00017 Verde
teal jacquard
00028 Teal Jacquard
00034 Fern
00040 Antiqua
metallic blend
00052 Metallica Blend
dupione poolside
00053 Dupione Poolside
kiwi stripe
00059 Kiwi Stripe
wicker coral
00060 Wicker Coral
dupione kiwi
00063 Dupione Kiwi
chili stripe
00064 Chili Stripe
navy putty stripe
00073 Navy Putty Stripe
wild black orchid
00127 Wild Black Orchid
00128 Montego
tropic foliage
00132 Tropic Foliage
sumba mocha
00135 Sumba Mocha
00140 Missey
00182 Elizabeth
valencia blue
00189 Valencia Blue
island palms
00197 Island Palms
natural wicker
00198 Natural Wicker
Peacock Stripe
00199 Peacock Stripe
raffia natural
00210 Raffia Natural
00253 Hoffman
veranda nutmeg
00268 Veranda Nutmeg
straw mat
00274 Straw Mat
charisma citrus
00277 Charisma Citrus
cortez clay
00278 Cortez Clay
caribbean palm
00280 Caribbean Palm
island stripe sienna
00284 Island Stripe Sienna
00287 Natura
Wicker Cordoba Copper
00288 Wicker Cordoba Copper
butterscotch stripe
00294 Butterscotch Stripe
cane desert
00302 Cane Desert
00303 Chesterfield
cane aluminum
00305 Cane Aluminum
cane balsa
00306 Cane Balsa
tempo stone stripe
00311 Tempo Stone Stripe
Straw Mat Bronze
00313 Straw Mat Bronze
pulse dahlia
00318 Pulse Dahlia
pompass grass indigo
00323 Pompass Grass Indigo
saylor stripe sepia
00326 Saylor Stripe Sepia
Trixie stripe myrtle
00328 Trixie Stripe Myrtle
dupione spice
00346 Dupione Spice
shelbran taupe
00428 Shelbran Taupe
white oyster
00430 White Oyster
Tweed taffy
00431 Tweed Taffy
Raleigh stripe willow
00432 Raleigh Stripe Willow
Tweed indigo
00433 Tweed Indigo
Pria tweed indigo
00434 Pria Tweed Indigo
dupione sapphire
00440 Dupione Sapphire
spa stripe
00466 Spa Stripe
00474 Fresco
chambray stripe
00536 Chambray Stripe
canegrass cloth
0538 Canegrass Cloth
00540 Driftwood
clarity blue
00550 Clarity Blue
clarity pearl
00551 Clarity Pearl
metallic white
00556 Metallic White
montego brown
00557 Montego Brown
straw mat blue
00558 Straw Mat Blue
tiki glow
00559 Tiki Glow
watercolor tweed glow
00560 Watercolor Tweed Glow
watercolor tweed pearly
00561 Watercolor Tweed Pearly
winsted stripe beach
00562 Winsted Stripe Beach
00701 Aquafino
00702 Redwood
00703 Plata
royal cafe
00704 Royal Cafe
forest cafe
00707 Forest Cafe
raw linen
00825 Raw Linen
00826 Seabreeze
santiago stripe
00849 Santiago Stripe
00908 Aquamarine
raffia stripe sable
00909 Raffia Stripe Sable
roma dove
00910 Roma Dove
spring tweed copper
00911 Spring Tweed Copper
charm khaki
00912 Charm Khaki
charm platinum
00913 Charm Platinum
fusion chestnut
00914 Fusion Chestnut
fusion maple
00915 Fusion Maple
braque rain
00916 Braque Rain
braque graphite
00917 Braque Graphite
madras tweed surf
00918 Madras Tweed Surf
palazzo stripe harbor
00919 Palazzo Stripe Harbor
owen stripe surf
00920 Owen Stripe Surf
vinyard stripe copper
00921 Vinyard Stripe Copper
vinyard stripe silver
00922 Vinyard Stripe Silver
echo luster
00923 Echo Luster
echo opal
00924 Echo Opal
cleo harbor
00925 Cleo Harbor
sierra sands
08001P Sierra Sands

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