Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Strapping For Patio & Pool Furniture

If you’ve never replaced vinyl strapping on pool or patio furniture before, we know you’re going to have a lot of questions. Here are the questions we are often asked.

Please read the answers to the most frequently asked questions  below before contacting us!

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How do I know if my straps are single or double wrapped?

If you can’t see the rivet heads or the slots that the straps go into, it is double-wrapped [wrapped around the frame 2 times on each end].

How do I replace my straps?

Instructions for measuring and installing straps are here: Single WrapDouble Wrap – VIDEOS about wrapping vinyl straps

How do I know what fasteners to use?

Fasteners for straps are of two main types – plastic rivets or aluminum clips. These are further sub-divided into various shapes and sizes. You can see the main ones we carry on the vinyl strap fasteners page.

My straps are not as wide as the standard widths you carry.

When you stretch the straps across the frame, they narrow slightly, so if your straps measure around 1¾” you will need the 2″ straps. Likewise, if they measure around 1¼” use the 1½” strapping.

My frames have slots in them, and the straps have tabs on the ends to fit in the slots.

The “tabbed” straps are no longer available. You have 2 options:
[1] You can cut the straps yourself with a heavy pair of scissors
[2] Drill a hole in the center of the slot and use rivet 30516 (single-wrap) or 30514 (double-wrap)

Can I get samples?

You may order vinyl strap color samples from us for a non-refundable fee of $2.95 each.

Can I convert a double-wrapped chair to a single-wrapped?

Yes, you can, but you need to make a little adjustment. Usually the rivet holes for double-wrapping are positioned on the BOTTOM of the frame. If you were to use these holes for single-wrapping, there is a chance the rivets might pull out, because the strap only contacts the frame for about 180 degrees (half way round). The rivet holes for single-wrapped straps are usually positioned on the INSIDE of the frames, so the strap will be in contact with ¾ of the frame (about 270 degrees), providing more friction (resistance) and therefore not so much sideways strain on the rivets. So, to be safe, drill new holes on the INSIDE of the frame. (The holes on one side will be FACING the holes on the other side).

Minimum Order Value

Please note that our minimum order quantity for precut straps is 10 of each size. Unfortunately this is necessary because of the high costs of machine setup and order processing. Also, be aware that your shipping price may be higher than your total order value for small orders. Thanks for your understanding.


Vinyl strap is heavy. One roll weighs approximately 25-30 pounds packed, depending on width, so it can be relatively expensive to ship. We use FedEx ground services unless you request an expedited shipment. We do not use the US Postal Service. The shopping cart calculates your shipping cost based upon the best rates available once your total order is entered.

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