Replacement Vinyl Strap

You know when it’s time to replace the vinyl strapping on your pool furniture

vinyl strap samplesWhen guests are coming and you’re cleaning up around your outdoor entertaining area, and it hits you in the eye once again… You meant to replace all the stained vinyl strapping on your furniture, but somehow didn’t get around to it. Now it’s too late for this visit, and you have that sick feeling of embarrassment.

Don’t wait until it happens again! Choose from our wide range of over 50 vinyl strap colors and fix up that furniture so it looks like new again! Straps are available in 5/8″, 1″, 1½”, and 2″ widths, and you can mix colors on any item. However, not all strap colors are available in all widths, so please check our strap color chart before ordering.

All our replacement vinyl strap is 100% virgin material and contains UV inhibitors for prolonged life in the harshest conditions.

First, let’s answer your question: “How do I know if my straps are single- or double-wrapped?”
The answer is that if you can see the fasteners that hold the straps in place on the back of your chair frame, they are SINGLE wrapped. If the fasteners are covered with a layer of the strap, they are DOUBLE wrapped – the strap goes around the frame twice, the second time to cover the fasteners.


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Videos Showing How to Replace the Straps

Single wrapped Double wrapped

Illustrated Guides for Replacing Vinyl Strap

Single wrapping Double wrapping Metal clips


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