Cushion Sling Installation Instructions

Cushion slings are easiest to work with when they are warm, as the fabric is more pliable. We suggest laying the slings out in the sun for a while, or placing them in a WARM [not hot] clothes dryer for a few minutes. Use caution if using the clothes dryer method, as sling fabrics can melt!

While the slings are warming, get some warm soapy water and clean your frames well. Clean frames have less friction. Dry the frames with a clean towel. You can then (optionally) sprinkle some talcum powder on the parts of the frames where the slings are going to be slid over. It’s also a good idea to wear non-slip, cotton or rubber gloves when installing the slings so that you get a better grip with less slip. You should now be able to pull the slings over the frames quite easily, even though they may be tight.

This video shows an entire chair being assembled. The first part shows how to replace the cushion sling.

The trick for cushion sling installation is to place the sling over the top and front crossbars only at first. Then insert the rear crossbar through the rear sling pocket before inserting it into the pipe fitting.

2-minute video demonstration

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