Cushion Sling Fabrics

These outdoor fabrics are suitable to use on furniture frames for the purpose of supporting cushions. For that reason, we call them “cushion slings” as opposed to “seating slings”, which are fabrics that do not support cushions, but rather are sat in directly. All these fabrics are made from tough, man-made fibers that resist damage from UV light, fading, moisture and mildew.

The color samples shown are intended to represent approximate color and not that of the entire design and repeat. Exact color matching is impossible due to photography and computer screen variances. If you need to see the exact color(s) please order a fabric sample.

Vinyl fabric 00001 yellow Vinyl fabric 00005 putty Vinyl fabric 00008 royal blue Vinyl fabric 00016 mauve Vinyl fabric 00018 wedgewood Vinyl fabric 00019 white Vinyl fabric 00035 forest green Vinyl fabric 00036 grey Vinyl fabric 00061 navy Vinyl fabric 00071 black Vinyl fabric 00082 teal

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