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PVC Fittings Size Chart

Buying PVC pipe fittings is confusing! Use this guide to help you choose the right size.

Most Important Fact: PVC Pipe and fittings are identified by the INSIDE diameter (ID) of the PIPE, which is the "nominal" size.

However most novices think they should use the Outside Diameter (OD) to order parts. If you have done this, find your measurement in the right column of the our price charts. Now look to the left column to see the actual (nominal) size of pipe and fittings you buy.PVC pipe diameters explained!

Our PVC pipe is sold in sizes of 1-1/4", 1-1/2" only. The "size" name for the pipe is based on its inside diameter. In both cases the name of the pipe roughly equals the inside diameter of the pipe. The only thing that changes is the wall thickness.

The outside diameter ALWAYS remains the same.

All our PVC fittings are Schedule 40 high-gloss furniture-grade.

All you have to remember is that 1¼" pipe fits into 1¼" fittings, and 1½" PVC pipe fits into 1½" PVC pipe fittings.

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