Casual Clean® Patio Furniture, Cushion and Fabric Cleaner

This new biodegradable, spray-on cleaner will make your outdoor furniture and accessories look like new again, and extend their life.

Casual Clean® is a highly concentrated multipurpose cleaner / degreaser formulated for the care and maintenance of outdoor furniture and related products.

Use Casual Clean on all types of patio furniture, as well as cushions, slings, umbrellas, awnings, wicker and vinyl strap. Perfect for PVC pipe furniture and resin, and can be used on wicker, aluminum and steel patio furniture too.

 clean cushions  clean umbrellas  clean slings clean straps
Cushions Umbrellas Slings Straps


 clean wicker clean furniture  clean grills  clean trash cans
Wicker Plastic Grills Trashcans

Routine cleaning with Casual Clean® and water will help enhance the appearance and extend the life of your patio furniture, cushions and umbrellas.

Use full strength Casual Clean® to attack sun-baked dirt and mildew stains. Dilute with water for less difficult cleaning jobs.


Products & Pricing

Casual Clean® Patio Furniture Cleaner is available in quart and gallon plastic bottles. Just click the “Add to Cart” button for the size you need.

You may also add a specially designed nylon bristle brush that you can attach to your garden hose. You can even use it to clean your car, boat or RV!


32oz Casual Clean Spray Bottle


Casual Clean 32oz Spray Bottle

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Casual Clean 1 gallon



Casual Clean 1 Gallon

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NEW Cleaning Brush

Cleaning your patio furniture just got easier!Cleaning Brush

The convenient wedge-shaped design of the Casual Clean® Patio Furniture Brush puts the bristles where the dirt is! The long polyester bristles penetrate hard to reach places between straps and furniture frames and lifts dirt embedded in cushion, sling and umbrella fabrics.

A practical cleaning brush for screen enclosures, trash cans, boats, cars, and much more… attached to your garden hose for convenient, continuous washing.



Product Information

Directions for Cleaning with Casual Clean®

Vinyl Strap Furniture – Hose down piece to be cleaned.  Spray on or apply full strength Casual Clean ® to surface.  Scrub using nylon brush or cloth. Rinse thoroughly.

Resin Furniture – Hose down.  Spray on or apply full strength Casual Clean ® to surface.  Rub with damp sponge or brush.  Rinse thoroughly.

Vinyl Cushions, Slings & Umbrellas – Hose down.  Dilute 1 part Casual Clean ® to 5 parts water.  Scrub using nylon brush.  Rinse thoroughly.  Leave in sun to dry.

Fabric Cushions & Umbrellas – Dilute 1 part Casual Clean ® to 10 parts water.  Test for colorfastness on small section of fabric before cleaning entire piece.  Hose down fabric.  Scrub using nylon brush.  Rinse thoroughly. Leave in sun to dry.

Other Uses – For general maintenance on floors, shower tile, concrete and terrazzo. Removes floor wax build up and rubber tire marks.  Casual Clean ® degreases Bar-B-Q grills, kitchen ovens, and air filters.

Using the Patio Furniture, Cushion and Fabric Cleaner Cleaning Brush

Directions for use: For initial cleaning use brush without attaching hose. Wet furniture thoroughly. Apply cleaner to both the brush and the surface to be cleaned. Scrub well. Attach hose to brush and rinse thoroughly. Repeat as necessary.

Frequent cleaning and rinsing using the Casual Clean® Brush will help prolong the look and the life of your patio furniture.


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