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2014 Sunbrella® Outdoor Fabric Collection

 The Sunbrella® brand is recognized as the world's leading outdoor fabric designer and manufacturer. Their fabrics are used on boats, awnings and indoor and outdoor upholstery. And of course, we sell the entire Sunbrella® range of exterior fabrics for our patio furniture and outdoor cushions. Look at the 53 new colors & patterns for 2014.

Carousel Confetti
7774-0000 Carousel Confetti
Carousel Limelite
7775-0000 Carousel Limelite
Echo Midnight
8076-0000 Echo Midnight
Echo Teak
8077-0000 Echo Teak
Echo Limelite
8078-0000 Echo Limelite
Echo Citron
8079-0000 Echo Citron
Echo Sangria
8080-0000 Echo Sangria
Linen Taupe
8374-0000 Linen Taupe
Sailcloth Shadow
32000-0025 Sailcloth Shadow
Sailcloth Sailor
32000-0026 Sailcloth Sailor
Jive Sparrow
42066-0000 Jive Sparrow
Jive Oak
42066-0001 Jive Oak
Jive Stream
42066-0002 Jive Stream
Voyage Sparrow
42067-0000 Voyage Sparrow
Voyage Stream
42068-0000 Voyage Stream
Pulse Sunset
44215-0000 Pulse Sunset
Empire Dawn
45837-0000 Empire Dawn
Empire Dove
45837-0002 Empire Dove
Fischer Lagoon
45885-0000 Fischer Lagoon
Fischer Sunset
45885-0001 Fischer Sunset
Fischer Graphite
45885-0004 Fischer Graphite
Pinnacle Fiesta
45890-0001 Pinnacle Fiesta
Bellamy Tangelo
45913-0003 Bellamy Tangelo
Kuna Sand
45919-0000 Kuna Sand
Aria Teak
45920-0000 Aria Teak
Mod Mink
45921-0004 Mod Mink
Accord Jade
45922-0000 Accord Jade
Accord Koi
45922-0001 Accord Koi
Accord Crimson
45936-0000 Accord Crimson
Spectrum Crimson
48035-0000 Spectrum Crimson
Spectrum Indigo
48080-0000 Spectrum Indigo
Spectrum Peacock
48081-0000 Spectrum Peacock
Spectrum Almond
48082-0000 Spectrum Almond
Spectrum Caribou
48083-0000 Spectrum Caribou
Spectrum Sesame
48084-0000 Spectrum Sesame
Spectrum Carbon
48085-0000 Spectrum Carbon
Spectrum Denim
48086-0000 Spectrum Denim
Frequency Ash
56092-0000 Frequency Ash
Frequency Parchment
56093-0000 Frequency Parchment
Frequency Sand
56094-0000 Frequency Sand
Astoria Sunset
56095-0000 Astoria Sunset
Astoria Lagoon
56096-0000 Astoria Lagoon
Solano Dusk
56097-0000 Solano Dusk
Solano Fiesta
56098-0000 Solano Fiesta
Canvas Charcoal
54048-0000 Canvas Charcoal
Canvas Blush
57000-0000 Canvas Blush
Canvas Chestnut
57001-0000 Canvas Chestnut
Canvas Iris
57002-0000 Canvas Iris
Canvas White
57003-0000 Canvas White
Lido Indigo
57004-0000 Lido Indigo
Stanton Lagoon
58001-0000 Stanton Lagoon
Stanton Greystone
58002-0000 Stanton Greystone
Stanton Brownstone
58003-0000 Stanton Brownstone

All these fabrics (and the rest of the Sunbrella collection are available from our website as cushions, umbrellas, or by the yard.

The color samples shown are intended to represent approximate color and not that of the entire design and repeat. Exact color matching is impossible due to photography and computer screen variances. If you need to see the exact color(s) ask for a fabric sample.

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