What’s Inside Our Cushions?

Learn about our cushion construction as we cut a couple open in front of your eyes! See which fill is best for your needs.

55 seconds

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 Video Transcription

We have two main types of fill for our cushion range: Foam & Poly and Polyfill only. Let’s cut open some cushions so you can take a look for yourself.

This first cushion is from our Universal Series. As you will see, it has a 3″ foam slab at its core. This provides the firmness and density that makes this collection so popular. The foam is surrounded on all sides with a thick layer of Polyfill, which helps to round out the shape of the cushion and also gives it an initial soft feel.

This cushion is typical of all the cushions that have a Poly only fill. No foam is used, so the cushion is very soft. Cushions filled with Poly only are best used on hard chairs like aluminum and wrought iron.