VIDEO: PVC Pipe Chair Assembly

PVC Pipe Chair Assembly

This video shows you how to assemble your PVC pipe patio chair in less than 2 minutes!

2 minutes 13 seconds

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Video Transcription

This video outlines the best method for assembling a PVC pipe chair. Other furniture items follow the same procedure.

First, make sure you have all the parts you need. This is our Classic chair. It has an extra crossbar in the base.

Next, lay one chair side on a soft surface so as not to scratch it during assembly, and insert all the crossbars except the one at the rear of the seat.

Place the sling over the crossbars at each end, [pause] then slide the last crossbar – the one that you left out – through the rear pocket of the sling.

Postion the sling so that it is centered on the other crossbars, then insert the last crossbar into the open fitting on the chair side. This will tension the sling, so make sure it’s in position on the center of the crossbars before fully inserting the last one.

Next, position the other chair side on top of the assembly, lining up the crossbars into their open fittings. Push the side firmly onto the top of the crossbars.

Use a rubber mallet or a block of wood with a metal hammer to drive the crossbars fully into the fittings on both sides.

Now that the chair is fully assembled, you must make sure it is sitting square and flat. Place it on a flat surface and twist the frame if necessary to eliminate any wobbles.

The last step is to screw the crossbars in place at each end using the screws provided, into the pre-drilled holes in the fittings.

There are two special screws that have a slightly rounded head. These should be screwed only part way into the holes at the rear of the arms. These are to attach the plastic tabs on the cushion to hold it in place on the frame.

That’s it! A complete chair built in less than two minutes.