How to Make a Cushion Template

If you need us to make a custom cushion with rounded edges or other special shape, you will need to provide us with a template (or send us one of your existing pads, if you have one that’s in good shape).

This video shows how to make a template using an existing chair.

2 minutes 19 seconds

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Video Transcription

In this video, I’m going to show you how to make a template for an odd-shaped cushion. You will need to do this so we have a pattern to work with when we make your replacement.

The cushion on this chair has a slightly rounded back and rounded rear corners. We’ll make a template for it.

You will need some heavy paper or light cardboard: Kraft paper is ideal, and you can get this from Walmart or other supply store.

Lay the paper into the seat area, making sure to have plenty of overlap all round. Push it firmly into the corners of the seat area so you get full coverage.

Take a marking pen and draw all around the edges of the seat area. It doesn’t have to be too neat – it’s just a guide for you to cut to later. [PAUSE 10] Cushions usually overhang the front of the seat a little. Be sure to allow for this if that’s what you want.


After the template is drawn, the next step is to cut it out. It’s a good idea to cut it slightly larger than the lines you’ve drawn, because you can always trim more off later if you need to. [PAUSE ] After the first cutting, place the template back in the seat to see how it fits. Remember, it is better to have a cushion that’s slightly too large, rather than too small. Make any needed adjustments.

The next step is very important: you want to make sure that both sides of the template are the same, otherwise our factory won’t know which side to use as the pattern! To do this, fold the template in the center from front to back and line up both sides together. Then trim any areas that are not the same, so that it becomes symmetrical. If you find that something’s not working out right, just get a fresh piece of Kraft paper and start again.

That’s all there is to it! After you place your order we’ll email you a receipt, and that will have instructions on where to send your template. Please don’t send it to us, because we’ll just have to forward it to the factory, and that will delay your order.