Videos About Patio Chair Slings

Slings are the fabric that is stretched tightly on a chair frame. Seating slings are the type you sit on, and cushion slings are used to support cushions, most commonly on PVC pipe furniture.

These short videos show how to remove and install both types of slings.


How to Install a Seating Sling

Installing a seating sling can be a very tricky task if you’ve never done it before. This short video shows how the experts do it every day.
2 minutes 44 seconds


How to Remove a Cushion Sling

Removing a cushion sling is easy enough, but where do you start? This short video makes the job quick and easy.
2 minutes 8 seconds


How to Install a Cushion Sling

Sometimes cushion slings can be difficult to install because of the tension exerted on the fabric. However, it’s all about technique. After watching this video you’ll know what to do!
2 minutes 35 seconds


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