Factory Tour: See How Your Furniture and Cushions are Made

In this short video, you’ll see how our cushions and furniture are made, as well as learning some of the qualities of the cushions.

2 minutes 25 seconds

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Video Transcription

Our primary vendor operates from a 100,000 sf factory in central florida. Here’s a quick tour of the factory, so you can see how your order is made.

Most orders start out in the cutting room. Here around 500 fabrics are available, including all of the Sunbrella range. The cutters prepare the fabrics for sewing, by cutting individual orders by hand. It’s worth mentioning that this video was shot in September, which is traditionally a slow time for this industry. In the season’s peak, this factory employs nearly 100 people.

From cutting to sewing. Here your order is pieced together, as the sewers take the fabrics from the cutting department, and sew them into cushions or slings.

After sewing, the cushion cases are filled. This machine compresses the fill, and pushes it into the cushion cases evenly to form a smoothly shaped cushion.

Speaking of fill, you have a number of choices, depending on the cushion type you want. Foam slabs provide a firmer cushion than polyfill, and by mixing these two fillers, we can achieve various degrees of firmness and shape. Here you see the foam and poly storage area.

This worker is trimming poly batting in preparation for wrapping around foam slabs.

Here’s what’s inside our thicker, firmer cushions. You see a foam slab inside a polyfill wrap. The foam provides the firmness, and the poly gives the cushion an initial soft feel and rounds out its shape.

Here you see workers assembling chair frames. We have a separate video that shows you how to do this at home, step-by-step. Some furniture is delivered fully assembled, while others require some minor assembly at home.

As you can imagine, a factory that makes and ships furniture and replacement cushions all over the country requires a lot of storage space for raw materials and for orders that are in process. Table tops for example, require a lot of floor space because of the wide variety of sizes and shapes. In addition, orders for furniture and cushions take up space as they progress through pproduction.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short tour. Look for other videos on this website that show exactly what’s inside specific cushions, and also how to assemble your pipe furniture order when it arrives at your home.

Thanks for watching.