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Fabric Information for Cushions, Slings and Patio Umbrellas

Searching for Fabrics On Our Site

Because of our extensive range, we have broken the fabric choices into five categories - solid colors, color blends, stripes, florals and patterns. Please select your preference from the links below.

Solid color fabrics
Solid Colors
Blended color fabrics
Blended Colors
Striped fabrics
Striped Fabrics
Floral patterns
Floral Patterns
Patterned fabrics
Patterned Fabrics

What Do Fabric Grades Mean?

Fabrics are available in five Grades - A, B, C, D & E. Grading is a mechanism used by the mills to set pricing levels, based upon factors such as type, complexity, pattern, manufacturing process, etc. 

VIDEOS ABOUT FABRICS     |   Descriptions of Fabric Types

Availability of Fabrics

Fabric colors and patterns are changed often by the mills. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that all fabrics are available, so please contact us to check availability before ordering your replacement cushions or slings. Our friendly staff are here to help you make an informed decision for your cushion, umbrella or sling fabric purchase. When you call, it is advisable to have 3-4 fabric choices in mind in case of non-availability of your preferred replacement cushion fabric choice.

Sample Swatches

We offer a fabric swatch sampling service. We know that looking at colors on computer screens is not always accurate, and often you'd like to feel the fabric too. You can order a swatch of your preferred fabric choices for a non-refundable charge ofeach (postage included). Please note that swatches are only small (approx. 2" x 4") and may not inlude the entire pattern, because we cut them out of the samples we have in our showroom. Click here to order swatches

The color samples shown are intended to represent approximate color and not that of the entire design and repeat. Exact color matching is impossible due to photography and computer screen variances. If you need to see the exact color(s) please order a fabric sample. 

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