Striped Fabrics for Cushions and Umbrellas

Whether you prefer strong, vibrant colors or muted tones, we have the largest selection of outdoor fabrics. There are wide stripes and pinstripes, alternating colors or many-colored striped fabrics. Look through the section below to make your choice.

Choose from our extensive range of striped outdoor fabrics, separated below into groups: vinyls, Sunbrella and non-vinyls

The color samples shown are intended to represent approximate color and not that of the entire design and repeat. Exact color matching is impossible due to photography and computer screen variances. If you need to see the exact color(s) ask for a fabric sample. Due to varying pattern repeat widths, we do not guarantee that the position of stripes will be the same between cushions. We do not accept extra payment for such a guarantee.


Vinyl Fabrics

Our vinyl fabrics are made from thick, tough PVC. They are the most durable fabric available.

Vinyl fabric 00059 kiwi stripe Vinyl fabric 00064 chili stripe Vinyl fabric 00073 navy putty stripe Vinyl fabric 00182 elizabeth Vinyl fabric 00199 peacock stripe Vinyl fabric 00277 charisma citrus Vinyl fabric 00284 island stripe sienna Vinyl fabric 00294 butterscotch stripe Vinyl fabric 00311 tempo stone stripe Vinyl fabric 00318 pulse dahlia Vinyl fabric 00326 saylor stripe sepia Vinyl fabric 00328 trixie stripe myrtle Vinyl fabric 00432 raleigh stripe willow Vinyl fabric 00466 spa stripe Vinyl fabric 00536 chambray stripe Vinyl fabric 00562 winsted stripe beach Vinyl fabric 00701 aquafino Vinyl fabric 00704 royal cafe Vinyl fabric 00707 forest cafe Vinyl fabric 00849 santiago stripe Vinyl fabric 00919 palazzo stripe harbor Vinyl fabric 00920 owen stripe surf Vinyl fabric 00921 vinyard stripe copper Vinyl fabric 00922 vinyard stripe silver

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Sunbrella® Fabrics

The Sunbrella brand is known all over the world as top quality outdoor fabric for upholstery and marine use. They are made from solution-dyed acrylic, which means the colors and patterns are woven right into the fabric. They have a 5-year anti-fade factory warranty.

Sunbrella fabric 05601 bravada salsa Sunbrella fabric 05602 bravada limeliight Sunbrella fabric 05603 harwood crimson Sunbrella fabric 05606 davidson redwood Sunbrella fabric 05608 seville seaside Sunbrella fabric 05612 brannon redwood Sunbrella fabric 05621 brannon whisper Sunbrella fabric 05630 mason forest green Sunbrella fabric 05674 maxim heather beige Sunbrella fabric 05695 regency sand Sunbrella fabric 07774 carousel confetti Sunbrella fabric 07775 carousel limelight 08031 dimone sequoia Sunbrella fabric 08521 berenson tuxedo Sunbrella fabric 32008 solana seagull Sunbrella fabric 56000 dolce mango Sunbrella fabric 56001 dolce oasis Sunbrella fabric 56049 foster surfside Sunbrella fabric 56051 foster metallic Sunbrella fabric 56052 gavin mist Sunbrella fabric 56059 dorset cherry Sunbrella fabric 56071 passage poppy Sunbrella fabric 56075 peyton granite Sunbrella fabric 56079 milano char Sunbrella fabric 56080 milano cobalt Sunbrella fabric 56081 milano flax Sunbrella fabric 56087 milano dawn Sunbrella fabric 56095 astoria sunset Sunbrella fabric 56096 astoria lagoon Sunbrella fabric 56098 solano fiesta Sunbrella fabric 56099 token caribbean Sunbrella fabric 58001 stanton lagoon Sunbrella fabric 58002 stanton greystone 58003 stanton brownstone Sunbrella fabric 58005 mode seaside Sunbrella fabric 58006 mode lakeside Sunbrella fabric 58007 traveler lakeside Sunbrella fabric 58008 scout clay Sunbrella fabric 58009 icon mystique Sunbrella fabric 58010 icon pop Sunbrella fabric 58011 pioneer sunrise Sunbrella fabric 58023 hifi glow Sunbrella fabric 58024 decade pewter Sunbrella fabric 58025 decade sand Sunbrella fabric 58026 cabana citron Sunbrella fabric 58027 cabana emerald Sunbrella fabric 58028 cabana flame Sunbrella fabric 58029 cabana regatta Sunbrella fabric 58030 cabana classic Sunbrella fabric 58031 shore flame Sunbrella fabric 58032 shore regatta Sunbrella fabric 58033 shore classic Sunbrella fabric 58034 shore citron Sunbrella fabric 58035 shore emerald Sunbrella fabric 58037 cove cameo Sunbrella fabric 58038 gateway blush Sunbrella fabric 58039 gateway mist Sunbrella fabric 58040 token surfside

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Other Soft Outdoor Fabrics

These fabrics are made from spun polyester, which is soft to the touch. Colors and patterns are printed on the surface of the material, so these fabrics do not tend to be as light fast as the Sunbrella range. It is recommended to use our UV fabric protector to improve fade resistance and also aid in cleaning and stain resistance.

Polymer fabric 01024 kohala stripe volcano Polymer fabric 01048 kapul stripe cafe Polymer fabric 01049 kapul stripe garden Polymer fabric 01050 kapul stripe pompeii Polymer fabric 01053 haliwell caribbean Polymer fabric 01054 hampton bay summer Polymer fabric 01057 lenar chocolate Polymer fabric 01059 lenar spring Polymer fabric 01060 lynnhurst peridot Polymer fabric 01061 lynnhurst raven Polymer fabric 01091 vera cruz coffee Polymer fabric 01093 vera cruz samba Polymer fabric 01141 fulani snappy Polymer fabric 01143 fulani sage

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