Solid Color Outdoor Fabrics for Patio Cushions and Umbrellas

Our plain colored fabrics range from subtle hues to strong, bright colors. Be conservative or go crazy! All our fabrics are designed and manufactured for use outdoors, so you can be sure they will last for years in the harshest environments.

There are 3 groups of swatches below. Click these links to jump to: vinyls, Sunbrella and non-vinyls.

The color samples shown are intended to represent approximate color and not that of the entire design and repeat. Exact color matching is impossible due to photography and computer screen variances. If you need to see the exact color(s) please order a fabric sample.

Vinyl Fabrics

Our vinyl fabrics are made from thick, tough PVC. They are the most durable fabric available.

Vinyl fabric 00001 yellow Vinyl fabric 00005 putty Vinyl fabric 00007 snappy Vinyl fabric 00008 royal blue Vinyl fabric 00016 mauve Vinyl fabric 00018 wedgewood Vinyl fabric 00019 white Vinyl fabric 00035 forest green Vinyl fabric 00036 grey Vinyl fabric 00061 navy Vinyl fabric 00071 black Vinyl fabric 00082 teal Vinyl fabric 00108 white Vinyl fabric 00111 putty Vinyl fabric 00112 forest green Vinyl fabric 00113 navy Vinyl fabric 00114 wedgewood Vinyl fabric 00115 royal blue Vinyl fabric 00118 teal Vinyl fabric 00119 mauve Vinyl fabric 00120 yellow Vinyl fabric 00420 black Vinyl fabric 00490 grey Vinyl fabric 00848 garden green Vinyl fabric 00889 salsa


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Sunbrella® Fabrics

The Sunbrella brand is known all over the world as top quality outdoor fabric for upholstery and marine use. They are made from solution-dyed acrylic, which means the colors and patterns are woven right into the fabric. They have a 5-year anti-fade factory warranty.

Sunbrella fabric 05401 canvas pacific blue Sunbrella fabric 05402 canvas granite Sunbrella fabric 05403 canvas jockey red Sunbrella fabric 05404 canvas natural Sunbrella fabric 05407 canvas henna Sunbrella fabric 05408 canvas black Sunbrella fabric 05412 canvas maize Sunbrella fabric 05414 canvas wheat Sunbrella fabric 05415 canvas melon Sunbrella fabric 05416 canvas aruba Sunbrella fabric 05417 canvas tuscan Sunbrella fabric 05420 canvas mineral blue Sunbrella fabric 05421 canvas palm Sunbrella fabric 05422 canvas antique beige Sunbrella fabric 05424 canvas sky blue Sunbrella fabric 05425 canvas cocoa Sunbrella fabric 05426 canvas capri Sunbrella fabric 05428 canvas glacier Sunbrella fabric 05429 canvas macaw Sunbrella fabric 05432 canvas bay brown Sunbrella fabric 05436 canvas burgundy Sunbrella fabric 05438 canvas buttercup Sunbrella fabric 05439 canvas navy Sunbrella fabric 05440 canvas terracotta Sunbrella fabric 05446 canvas forest green Sunbrella fabric 05452 canvas sapphire blue Sunbrella fabric 05453 canvas canvas Sunbrella fabric 05456 canvas teal Sunbrella fabric 05457 canvas sunflower Sunbrella fabric 05461 canvas taupe Sunbrella fabric 05462 canvas hot pink Sunbrella fabric 05468 canvas camel Sunbrella fabric 05470 canvas walnut Sunbrella fabric 05471 canvas raven black Sunbrella fabric 05476 canvas heather beige Sunbrella fabric 05477 canvas logo red Sunbrella fabric 05484 canvas brass Sunbrella fabric 05487 canvas fern Sunbrella fabric 05491 canvas dusk Sunbrella fabric 05492 canvas flax Sunbrella fabric 05493 canvas regatta Sunbrella fabric 05498 canvas vellum Sunbrella fabric 05499 canvas true blue Sunbrella fabric 18000 heritage alpaca Sunbrella fabric 018001 heritage ashe Sunbrella fabric 18003 heritage garnet Sunbrella fabric 18004 heritage granite Sunbrella fabric 18005 heritage mink Sunbrella fabric 18006 heritage papyrus Sunbrella fabric 18007 heritage pumpkin Sunbrella fabric 18008 heritage wheat Sunbrella fabric 18009 heritage char Sunbrella fabric 18010 heritage denim Sunbrella fabric 18011 heritage leaf Sunbrella fabric 18012 heritage moss Sunbrella fabric 32007-0027 sailcloth space Sunbrella fabric 32000-0036 sailcloth shade Sunbrella fabric 40428 cast ash Sunbrella fabric 40429 cast mist 40430 cast oasis Sunbrella fabric 40431 cast petal 40432 cast shale Sunbrella fabric 40433 cast silver Sunbrella fabric 40434 cast slate Sunbrella fabric 40435 cast tinsel Sunbrella fabric 40456 cast lagoon Sunbrella fabric 48022 spectrum cilatntro Sunbrella fabric 48026 spectrum cayenne Sunbrella fabric 48027 spectrum grenadine Sunbrella fabric 48028 spectrum sierra Sunbrella fabric 51000 shadow snow Sunbrella fabric 51000-0001 shadow sand Sunbrella fabric 51000-0013 shadow charcoal Sunbrella fabric 54010 canvas rust Sunbrella fabric 54011 canvas ginko Sunbrella fabric 54048 canvas charcoal Sunbrella fabric 57000 canvas blush Sunbrella fabric 57001 canvas chestnut Sunbrella fabric 57002 canvas iris Sunbrella fabric 57003 canvas white


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Other Soft Outdoor Fabrics

These fabrics are made from spun polyester. They are soft to the touch.

Polymer fabric 1069 rave birch Polymer fabric 01070 rave canyon Polymer fabric 01071 rave cherry Polymer fabric 01072 rave choclate Polymer fabric 01073 rave daffodilvPolymer fabric 01074 rave indigo Polymer fabric 01075 rave kiwi Polymer fabric 01076 rave pacific Polymer fabric 01077 rave pine Polymer fabric 01078 rave sage Polymer fabric 01079 rave spearmint Polymer fabric 1080 rave walnut


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