Patterned Outdoor Fabrics for Cushions and Umbrellas

Choose from our wide range of patterned outdoor fabrics to add that touch of style and elegance to your furniture. Patterns add texture and variety to your outdoor living area, and the wide range of colors and designs will go with any decor.

The fabric swatches below are separated into three groups: vinyls, Sunbrella and non-vinyls

The color samples shown are intended to represent approximate color and not that of the entire design and repeat. Exact color matching is impossible due to photography and computer screen variances. If you need to see the exact color(s) ask for a fabric sample.


Vinyl Fabrics

Our vinyl fabrics are made from thick, tough PVC. They are the most durable fabric available, and are most commonly used on PVC pipe furniture.

Vinyl fabric 00028 teal jacquard Vinyl fabric 00040 antigua Vinyl fabric 00140 missey Vinyl fabric 00474 fresco Vinyl fabric 00909 raffia stripe sable Vinyl fabric 00916 braque rain Vinyl fabric 00917 braque graphite Vinyl fabric 00923 echo luster Vinyl fabric 00924 echo opal

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Sunbrella® Fabrics

The Sunbrella brand is known all over the world as top quality outdoor fabric for upholstery and marine use. They are made from solution-dyed acrylic, which means the colors and patterns are woven right into the fabric. They have a 5-year anti-fade factory warranty.

Sunbrella fabric 14509-0000 reflex classic Sunbrella fabric 14509-0001 reflex regatta Sunbrella fabric 14509-0002 reflex flame Sunbrella fabric 14509-0003 reflex emerald Sunbrella fabric 14509-5000 reflex citron Sunbrella fabric 45099-0003 cabaret blue haze Sunbrella fabric 45542 box slate Sunbrella fabric 45690 luxe indigo Sunbrella fabric 45707-0002 aura honey Sunbrella fabric 45837-0002 empire dove Sunbrella fabric 45885 fischer lagoon Sunbrella fabric 45885-0001 fischer sunsetvSunbrella fabric 45885-0004 fischer graphite Sunbrella fabric 45922 accord jade Sunbrella fabric 45922-0001 accord koi Sunbrella fabric 45936 accord crimson Sunbrella fabric 45991 fretwork mist Sunbrella fabric 45991-0001 fretwork flax Sunbrella fabric 45991-0002 fretwork pewter Sunbrella fabric 45991-0003 fretwork cameo Sunbrella fabric 56092 frequency ash Sunbrella fabric 56093 frequency parchment Sunbrella fabric 56094 frequency sand

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Other Soft Outdoor Fabrics

These fabrics are made from spun polyester. The patterns are printed on to the surface of the fabric, so they tend to be less color-fast, so we recommend our sun protection spray to keep them bright and clean. They are soft to the touch.

Polymer fabric 01047 berringer spring Polymer fabric 01055 imogen bronze Polymer fabric 01064 merona chocolate Polymer fabric 01066 merona latte Polymer fabric 01089 island song rattan Polymer fabric 01104 island song surf Polymer fabric 01105 island song ocean Polymer fabric 01140 harmonic spice

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