Blended Color Fabrics for Cushions and Umbrellas

We’ve defined “blended color” fabrics as those that have a discernible mix of colors within their weave, but not to such an extent that they form a bold pattern. Choose from our wide range of blended color outdoor fabrics to add that touch of style and elegance to your outdoor furniture.

We’ve separated the color swatches into two groups: vinyls and Sunbrella

The color samples shown are intended to represent approximate color and not that of the entire design and repeat. Exact color matching is impossible due to photography and computer screen variances. If you need to see the exact color(s) ask for a fabric sample.

Vinyl Fabrics

Our vinyl fabrics are made from thick, tough, woven PVC. They are the most durable fabric available.

Vinyl fabric 00052 metallic blend Vinyl fabric 00053 dupione poolside Vinyl fabric 00063 dupione kiwi Vinyl fabric 00210 raffia natural Vinyl fabric 00253 hoffman Vinyl fabric 00274 straw mat Vinyl fabric 00287 natura Vinyl fabric 00303 chesterfield  Vinyl fabric 00323 pompass grass indigo Vinyl fabric 00346 dupione spice Vinyl fabric 00430 white oyster Vinyl fabric 00431 tweed taffy Vinyl fabric 00433 tweed indigo Vinyl fabric 00434 pria tweed indigo Vinyl fabric 00440 dupione sapphire Vinyl fabric 00538 canegrass cloth Vinyl fabric 00550 clarity blue  Vinyl fabric 00558 straw mat blue Vinyl fabric 00559 tiki glow Vinyl fabric 00560 watercolor tweed glow Vinyl fabric 00561 watercolor tweed pearly Vinyl fabric 00825 raw linen Vinyl fabric 00826 sea breeze Vinyl fabric 00908 aquamarine Vinyl fabric 00910 roma dove Vinyl fabric 00911 spring tweed copper Vinyl fabric 00912 charm khaki Vinyl fabric 00913 charm platinum Vinyl fabric 00914 fusion chestnut Vinyl fabric 00915 fusion maple Vinyl fabric 00918 madras tweed surf

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Sunbrella® Fabrics

The Sunbrella brand is known all over the world as top quality outdoor fabric for upholstery and marine use. They are made from solution-dyed acrylic, which means the colors and patterns are woven right into the fabric. They have a 5-year anti-fade factory warranty.

Sunbrella fabric 05405 canvas parrot Sunbrella fabric 05406 canvas tangerine Sunbrella fabric 05409 canvas brick Sunbrella fabric 5410 canvas air blue Sunbrella fabric 05413 canvas spa Sunbrella fabric 05448 canvas cork Sunbrella fabric 05472 canvas birdseye Sunbrella fabric 05488 canvas teak Sunbrella fabric 05489 canvas coal Sunbrella fabric 07704 rib natural Sunbrella fabric 07761 rib taupe antique beige Sunbrella fabric 08010 dupione pearl Sunbrella fabric 08011 dupione sand Sunbrella fabric 08012 dupione cornsilk Sunbrella fabric 08013 dupione bamboo Sunbrella fabric 08015 dupione laurel Sunbrella fabric 08016 dupione galaxy Sunbrella fabric 08017 dupione walnut Sunbrella fabric 08019 dupione deep sea Sunbrella fabric 08024 dupione peridot Sunbrella fabric 08050 dupione paradise Sunbrella fabric 08051 dupione crimson Sunbrella fabric 08052 dupione palm Sunbrella fabric 08053 dupione papaya Sunbrella fabric 08056 dupione henna Sunbrella fabric 08057 dupione oak Sunbrella fabric 08059 dupione caramel Sunbrella fabric 08060 dupione stone Sunbrella fabric 08064 dupione nectarine Sunbrella fabric 08066 dupione latte Sunbrella fabric 08067 dupione celeste Sunbrella fabric 08068 dupione aloe Sunbrella fabric 08069 dupione dove Sunbrella fabric 08076 echo midnight Sunbrella fabric 08077 echo teak Sunbrella fabric 08078 echo limelight Sunbrella fabric 08079 echo citron Sunbrella fabric 08080 echo sangria Sunbrella fabric 08300 linen champagne Sunbrella fabric 08304 linen natural Sunbrella fabric 08306 linen chili Sunbrella fabric 08314 linen straw Sunbrella fabric 08317 linen pampas Sunbrella fabric 08318 linen sesame Sunbrella fabric 08319 linen stone Sunbrella fabric 08322 linen antique beige Sunbrella fabric 08351 linen silver Sunbrella fabric 08353 linen canvas Sunbrella fabric 08374 linen taupe Sunbrella fabric 32000-0000 sailcloth shell Sunbrella fabric 32000-0002 sailcloth sand Sunbrella fabric 32000-0003 sailcloth shore Sunbrella fabric 32000-0007 sailcloth suntan Sunbrella fabric 32000-0016 sailcloth sahara Sunbrella fabric 32000-0017 sailcloth sienna Sunbrella fabric 32000-0018 sailcloth salt Sunbrella fabric 32000-0019 sailcloth spice Sunbrella fabric 32000-0023 sailcloth seagull Sunbrella fabric 32000-0024 sailcloth sisal Sunbrella fabric 32000-0025 sailcloth shadow Sunbrella fabric 32000-0026 sailcloth sailor Sunbrella fabric 42048-0005 mainstreet wren Sunbrella fabric 42048-0009 mainstreet latte Sunbrella fabric 42076 hybrid citrus Sunbrella fabric 42077 hybrid lime Sunbrella fabric 42078 hybrid sky Sunbrella fabric 42079 hybrid smoke Sunbrella fabric 44285 action linen Sunbrella fabric 44285-0001 action ash Sunbrella fabric 44285-0002 action stone Sunbrella fabric 44285-0003 action taupe Sunbrella fabric 44285-0004 action denim Sunbrella fabric 48018 spectrum eggshell Sunbrella fabric 48019 spectrum sand Sunbrella fabric 48020 spectrum mist Sunbrella fabric 48023 spectrum kiwi Sunbrella fabric 48024 spectrum daffodil Sunbrella fabric 48029 spectrum coffee Sunbrella fabric 48030 spectrum graphite Sunbrella fabric 48031 spectrum mushroom Sunbrella fabric 48032 spectrum dove Sunbrella fabric 48035 spectrum crimson Sunbrella fabric 48080 spectrum indigo Sunbrella fabric 48081 spectrum peacock Sunbrella fabric 48082 spectrum almond Sunbrella fabric 48083 spectrum caribou Sunbrella fabric 48084 spectrum sesame Sunbrella fabric 48085 spectrum carbon Sunbrella fabric 48086 spectrum denim Sunbrella fabric 57005 echo ash Sunbrella fabric 57007 echo dune Sunbrella fabric 58012 volt berry Sunbrella fabric 58013 volt cherry Sunbrella fabric 58014 volt emerald Sunbrella fabric 58015 volt fuchsia Sunbrella fabric 58016 volt galaxy Sunbrella fabric 58017 volt glow Sunbrella fabric 58018 volt sand Sunbrella fabric 58019 voly sequoia Sunbrella fabric 58020 volt silver Sunbrella fabric 58021 volt spark Sunbrella fabric 58022 volt sulfur

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