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Cushion SlingsCushion sling

Cushion slings are primarily used on most brands of PVC patio furniture, but there are other types of casual furniture that incorporate cushion slings as well.

There are many shapes and sizes of cushion slings, used on casual dinette chairs, recliners, lounge chairs, ottoman footstools, and even loveseats and sofas. For this reason, we don't want to know your furniture brand or anything else about your furniture!

Read over this page and follow the links to learn more about cushion sling removal and installation, the fabric choices, and to place your order.

Sling Measurement
It's tricky! That's why you should check out this page.

Removing Your Old Sling
Watch the short video on this page to learn the techniques for easy removal.

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Installing Your New Sling
Another short video that you MUST watch if you want your installation to go smoothly and easily.

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Sling Fabrics
Click here to view all the colors of sling fabrics available.

Order Your Slings
Now that you know more about cushion slings than 99% of the population...

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Cushion Sling Types

There are many shapes and sizes of cushion slings, and various methods used to attach them to the furniture frames. The most common attachment method is a series of loops or pockets sewn into the edges of the sling, that are slid over the chair frame. They must fit tight, so proper measurement is essential. Even a 1/4" error could potentially cause a problem.


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