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Cushion Sling Removal Instructions

Replacing the fabric cushion support slings on your PVC (or other) furniture is not difficult. Follow the steps below and watch the short video for full details.

Removing a Cushion Sling Before Replacement

To order a cushion sling from us, you will need to remove one of your existing slings and send it in to our factory so we can make them exactly the same. Here's how to remove a cushion sling from a PVC chair frame.

Cushion sling removal is easy! First remove the screws from one side of the chair. You'll usually find them on the underside of the chair, in the fittings that the crossbars are inserted into.

Tap the frame with a soft hammer or block of wood to remove one side.

Slide the sling off the crossbars.

Watch this 2-minute video for a demonstration.

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Another trick: use our dry lube spray to stop chairs from squeaking

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