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Buy Fabric Swatches

We know that looking at colors on computer screens is not always accurate, and often you'd like to feel the fabric too.

That's why we offer a fabric swatch sampling service. You can buy fabrics swatches of your preferred fabric choices for a small charge (postage included), and be certain that your fabric choice is the right one.

After all, replacement cushions are an investment that will last for many years, and you have to look at them every day! It just makes sense to spend a little ahead of time to make sure you're making the right decision.

Please note that swatches are available in two sizes.
Small swatches are approximately 4"x4"
and may not include the entire pattern
Large samples allow you to see more of the pattern colors and repeat

Select your preferred size in the shopping cart after clicking the "Add to Cart" button

To order multiple fabric swatches, first add one to your cart,
then click the "Continue Shopping" button to return here, and repeat
Swatches are sent in the mail, even though the shopping cart says FedEx

Item # Description Price Buy
SAMPLES Fabric Swatch Small
Large $6.50

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