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Duralife Affiliate Marketing Program

Commission Schedule

All Qualified Products sales are paid at 10% of net sale value (see Affiliate Terms & Conditions for definition)

Following the end of each calendar year, bonus commissions will be paid based on each affiliate's individual annual sales volume. 

There are a few products for which commissions are not payable, simply because they are small and sold at prices that do not allow profit sharing. These include all the "SolarShield®" and "Ray & Rain®" products, and our "Anti-Squeak Spray". (Duralife reserves the right to withdraw or add products that are eligible for commissions at any time).


"Cookies" are small snippets of code that are embedded in affiliates' hyperlinks, containing the affiliate's code. When your referred prospect clicks the link you provide them (which we have created for you and which you can copy from your personal affilitate page after signing in), the cookie is placed on their computer. All legitimate cookies have an expiry date. After the expiry date, the cookie is removed and any order placed after the expiry date will not be registered as a sale by the affiliate.

We have set up our cookies with a generous 90 day expiry date! This means that your friend/prospect has 3 months to order so that you get credit for the sale.


Payment of Referral Fees will be made monthly as defined in the Affiliate Terms & Conditions. Referral Fees will be paid via PayPal. Affiliates will need to establish an account with PayPal and provide us with their PayPal email address to receive Referral Fees.

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