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About Slings for Patio Furniture...

There are two main types of slings. One types is used to support cushions, typically on PVC pipe furniture. The other type of sling are those that you sit on directly, with no cushion. These are typically used in metal-framed outdoor furniture.

What Type of Sling Do You Need?


Cushion Slings are the type
used to support cushions.


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They are always a grade A mesh vinyl fabric, and they are available in 20 or so solid colors. There are many styles and shapes of cushion slings, and we will need you to send us a sample of each different type you need.

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Seating Slings are the type
that you sit or lie on directly.


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No cushion is used with seating slings. They are made from a firmer, tighter weave fabric, always a grade B vinyl, and come in many colors and patterns. We can make seating slings from the measurements you provide.

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